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Kesgrave Cleaning Services offer high quality professional carpet cleaning at a competitive price in Ipswich, Suffolk, and the surrounding area. Our team of staff are experienced in carpet cleaning in Ipswich and are successful in removing some of the toughest stains from carpets in homes or commercial establishments, such as factories, surgeries, pubs, restaurants, schools and colleges.

At Kesgrave Cleaning Services, our customers are our top priority and, if you are using our services for the first time, you will want to know more about what we do. Here's our answers to the most common questions we are asked about carpet cleaning, Ipswich, Suffolk.

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1. Do You do Spot Checks/Dye Checks?

At Kesgrave Cleaning Services we carry out a thorough examination of your carpet first to identify the materials it is made from (for example pure wool, a wool mix or man-made fibres). Our experience means we can identify which solutions work best on your carpet to achieve the desired results. A thorough check in advance is vital to avoid damage during the cleaning process.

2. Will a Tough Clean Damage My Carpet?

Some methods of carpet cleaning and stain removal (steam cleaning for instance) can shrink natural materials or damage manmade fibres. This is why it is important to use only a professional service for carpet cleaning, Suffolk. At Kesgrave Cleaning Services, we use a system of hot water extraction, which achieves outstanding results without damaging your carpet. Our staff are experienced in stain removal and dedicated to high standards, with each and every stain treated with the utmost care.

3. Will I have to Move the Furniture Out of the Way First?

Yes, please if you can. We do ask you to move as much furniture as you can off the carpet, so we can treat it effectively. However, we know that some items of furniture are extremely heavy and you may be unable to move these; however, if this is the case, we can clean around this.

4. What Other Preparations Do I have to Make?

For carpet cleaning, Ipswich and Suffolk, and carpet stain removal, our staff will need access to hot water and a power supply. So make sure these areas are accessible and the water and electricity supply is switched on, particularly if we are working in empty premises and the building has not been used for some time.

5. Is there a Guarantee that the Stain Will Be Removed?

We are carpet stain removal experts and have an extremely high success rate for carpet cleaning in the Ipswich area. However, this depends on the nature of the stain and some long-standing stains are difficult to shift. Although we cannot guarantee 100 per cent removal, we are able to tackle most tough stains.

6. Will the Service Be Disruptive?

It is Kesgrave Cleaning Service's aim to keep disruption to a minimum, so we deal with any stains as quickly and as effectively as possible. However, some stains do take longer than others to clear and we make sure that the job is complete to the highest standards before we leave.

7. How Long Will it Take?

This depends on the number of rooms we are asked clean, how big the area is that needs to be tackled and how tough the stain is. As a rough guide, a standard lounge can take up to two hours to clean.

8. Can I put the Furniture Back Straight Away?

For best results, we advise our customers to wait at least four hours (longer for a wool carpet, or a carpet with a wool mix) so the floor is completely dry before you put your furniture back into position.

9. How is the Service Priced?

We charge a £50 callout fee for each visit. We can give a rough price over the phone, but this is only an estimate and is always subject to a viewing. To get a more precise cost of carpet cleaning, Suffolk, it is always best for you to request viewing of your home or office carpet.

10. Why Should I Choose a Professional Carpet Cleaner Instead of Tackling the Stain Myself?

If you try to tackle the stain yourself, this may not be very effective – especially for stubborn stains such as wine, ingrained dirt or chewing gum. At worse, a DIY stain removal may even damage the carpet completely. By obtaining the services of a professional for carpet cleaning, Suffolk, you get the best possible results as we aim to restore your carpet to its former glory.

11. Does Carpet Cleaning Extend the Life of Your Carpet?

Yes, this saves money in the long run as a high quality, professional carpet clean means you don't have to replace the carpet. The carpet not only looks as good as new, but it makes the whole room smell fresh too.

12. Do you also Clean Rugs?

Yes, this is all done on site at your home or commercial premises.

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