Carpet Cleaning Rendlesham

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Carpet Cleaning Rendlesham

carpet cleaning rendlesham

Did you know that regular carpet and upholstery cleaning for your Rendlesham home or business will help save you money in the long run? Carpets are an investment and replacing it can be costly so it is important to take care of your floor covering.

Carpet cleaning brings a number of benefits: as well as stain removal, it prevents the growth of mould and bacteria which can thrive in warm or humid area and it also rids the carpet of bugs and beetles and wards off infestations.

Fortunately, Kesgrave Cleaning Services are specialists in carpet and upholstery cleaning for homes and commercial properties in Rendlesham and the surrounding areas in Suffolk including Ipswich, Kesgrave, Felixstowe & Woodbridge. We have built up a reputation for high standards and reliability and use specialist stain removers and equipment to tackle even the toughest of stains.

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Carpet Cleaning for Businesses

Kesgrave Cleaning Services will leave your carpet looking as good as new and brings a number of benefits to your business: it projects a better image for your clients and provides a more comfortable work environment as your carpet will not only look clean, but it will also smell fresher too.

How often carpet cleaning is needed for a commercial property obviously depends on use and how soiled the carpet is, but we would recommend that it is done every six months to keep up the appearance and extend the life span of your carpets.

Kesgrave Cleaning Services offer carpet cleaning aimed at providing the minimum amount of disruption to your business and we also provide an after-hours service for your convenience.

Carpet Cleaning for Households

How long the carpet cleaning process takes depends on the area we are covering and how soiled the carpet is, but as a rough guide for households, the time it takes to clean a standard lounge is no more than two hours.

Once the process is complete your carpets will be slightly damp to touch, and will generally take about four hours to dry. However, if your carpets have a high percentage of wool, they will take longer to dry.

We recommend that you wait until your carpet is completely dry before you put your furniture back.

About Kesgrave Cleaning Services

We provide a number of benefits to our customers including a friendly local service, reliability and vetted staff. Our consistant high standards means we have an outstanding customer satisfaction rate.

Get in touch to find out more about carpet cleaning in Rendlesham.

Carpet Cleaning Rendlesham - contact us now for a free quotation!


Professional carpet cleaning.

Carried out by professionals.

We pride ourselves in offering our clients the best service possible. From the moment we step into your home or business you will receive a 5* Carpet Cleaning Service. Kesgrave Cleaning Services use various stages and processes to ensure a thorough clean.

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Regular Window Cleaning.

Carried out by professionals.

We use a water fed pole system, the water is filtered to ensure we are using ‘pure’ water which allows the water to dry on your windows leaving them sparkling. Our water fed pole system also means we can reach most of those hard to reach and awkward windows.

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