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Kesgrave Cleaning Services offer a professional carpet cleaning service at a reasonable cost. Your operator is fully trained in carpet cleaning and stain removal. We use the highest specification of equipment & solutions, which ensure your carpets are cleaned to the highest standard.

Prior to our arrival if any small items can be removed from the carpeted area into a different room. When we arrive we need as few items on the carpet as possible. First we give the carpet a thorough vacuum, including along the edges of the carpet. The carpet is then sprayed with the appropriate solution for your carpet type, any stains are treated separately with spot stain remover depending on what the stain is. Next we use a machine which has 2 large brushes that allows the cleaning solution to get deep down into the carpet. Then lastly we use the hot water extraction machine which jets hot water into the carpet then extracts the solution and the dirt together leaving the carpets beautifully clean.

We recommend to leave the carpet as long as you can to dry before walking on it – at least 3-4 hrs if possible. Your carpet will be just slightly damp to the touch. We also suggest if possible do not move any wooden furniture back into the room until the next day, if the carpet is slightly wet when adding wooden furniture the stain is prone to mark the carpet. This is also the same for metal feet or legs on furniture could leave a rust mark. If you do have to put them back into the room asap we suggest placing plastic sandwich bag under each foot or leg until carpet is 100% dry.

Stain Removal

Our powerful solutions remove dirt from most heavily soiled areas, for stubborn stains we use a selection of specialised stain removers. The stain is treated separately from the rest of the carpet. We aim to remove the treated stained area but cannot guarantee 100% removal.

We sell a 500ml bottle of professional spot Carpet stain remover for £9.95 which comes with instructions on how to use. This spray does not contain any chemicals that will bleach your carpet unlike supermarket versions – feel free to call 01473 901857 to order


We require you to move as much furniture as possible from the carpeted area. Heavy items of furniture which you are unable to move we will clean around. We will also need access to hot water & a power supply.


There is a minimum charge of £95 per visit.


Professional carpet cleaning.

Carried out by professionals.

We pride ourselves in offering our clients the best service possible. From the moment we step into your home or business you will receive a 5* Carpet Cleaning Service. Kesgrave Cleaning Services use various stages and processes to ensure a thorough clean.

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Regular Window Cleaning.

Carried out by professionals.

We use a water fed pole system, the water is filtered to ensure we are using ‘pure’ water which allows the water to dry on your windows leaving them sparkling. Our water fed pole system also means we can reach most of those hard to reach and awkward windows.

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